Thinking about requesting an EHC needs assessment

Who should I speak to?

Speak to everyone who is currently supporting the child or young person to make sure that everything that could be available is in place. Advice, guidance and support is available to education settings and providers without the need for an EHC Plan.

Normally the education setting or provider will be asked to provide this information and they only have a few weeks to share this information with the Local Authority so it is important that everyone works together as soon as possible.

Who can request an EHC Needs Assessment?

The following people can request an EHC needs assessment for a child or young person aged between 0 and 25:

In addition, anyone else can bring a child or young person who has (or may have) SEN to the attention of the local authority, particularly where they think an EHC needs assessment may be necessary. This could include, for example, foster carers, health and social care professionals, early years practitioners, youth offending teams or probation services.

When should I request an EHC Needs Assessment?

When a child or young person has a learning difficulty or a disability and is not making the progress expected with the support that is being put in place or the parents of the child or the young person (or the young person themselves) believe that the education setting or provider is not able to provide the help and support which is needed.

A request for an EHC Needs Assessment will be considered if the child or young person has or may have special educational needs – it does not apply where there are only health and/or care needs.

When should I hear back?

The Local Authority must reply within six weeks. We will always reply to the parent or young person – even where the request was made by someone else.

I have considered this information and discussed this with the people I need to, and would now like to request an EHC Assessment.

Request an EHC needs assessment